What is RSS?

In order to facilitate your access to the information and services offered by the Basque public administration portal network, we have created an RSS subscription to searches in Euskadi.net. This means that you can subscribe to searches for information that interests you, receiving notice each time updated news is found in relation to this search.

For example, if you make a search for “Aid and subsidies”, and would like to learn about new updates appearing on the subject, you can subscribe to receive the results of this search. You will therefore be notified every time something new is published related to this information, without having to enter the website and make the search time and again.

To subscribe to this service, click on the link “RSS subscription for these search results” on the search results page and paste the address of the page that appears in your RSS reader.

More about RSS

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is an XML data format providing automatic access to information in a particular internet website. Distributing content in this way is known as syndication. Its function is to show a summary or index of the contents published on a site, without having to enter it. Using an RSS feed reader (a programme for reading RSS sources) or a browser with this function will give you fast and easy access to all new material printed in one or several sites without having to visit them. 

What is a feed?

A feed is a file containing the data for sharing via an RSS channel. These files normally have an .rss, .rdf or .xml extension.

This is a small text file in XML format housed in the server of the source content site. Within this file, the site editors place an ordered, structured list of titles and a short description of the content published or considered to be of interest. The most advanced versions may come with images or attachments.
Adding the sources of your favourite sites to an RSS reader will keep you informed of new updates with no need to make constant visits to them.

What is an RSS channel?

An RSS channel is the link (a pathway through which information is transmitted) between your computer and the server of your chosen source content site. This term is often used as a synonym of RSS feed.
You can find more information about this format at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS.

Last modified date:  2014/10/30