SAF€RA's 2018 call for proposals

What is SAF€RA?

SAF€RA is a partnership between research funding organizations working in the field of industrial safety in Europe. SAF€RA publishes joint calls for proposals on various topics related to industrial safety and organizes dissemination activities to ensure that research results lead to improvements in safety management.


Why prepare an application for the 2018 call?

The 2018 call comprises two topics that we believe will be of interest to the research community, on the role of new technologies and effects of changes in the industrial landscape on safety, and the measurement and monitoring of safety performance.

Responding to a SAF€RA call for proposals is a simpler process than for most EU calls or national funding organizations. Project proposals are fairly lightweight, and the pre-proposal stage (5 pages) allows you to determine whether your ideas match the priorities of the participating funding organizations. Administration overheads, obligations on consortia and administrative reporting activities are lightweight given the relatively small sizes of projects funded by SAF€RA, when compared with FP7 for example.

The SAF€RA dissemination activities provide an opportunity to discuss with other researchers, industry representatives and other stakeholders interested in industrial safety in the EU.


What budget is available?

The total budget available for the 2018 call is approximately 1.6M€. Projects funded are typically between 20 and 150 k€ in size. Each participating funding organization has a budget available and specific eligibility requirements; please consult the Guidelines for proposers document for details. Please note that two funding organizations participating in the 2018 call are able to fund organizations in any EU country, but other funders are only able to fund researchers working for organizations in their own country.